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Welcome to Elemental Girls!

What is Elemental Girls? Elemental Girls is a story that me and my friends have been writing about three main characters: Alixa (my character), Destiny and Nuria. Each of our characters has control over one of the four elements. Alixa has Air, Destiny has Earth, and Nuria has Fire. We plan to get our story published when it's finished, and wanted to get a head start on our website!

Story Overview

Now, remember, we aren't finished yet, so this is an overview of what we have thus far! Alixa, Destiny, and Nuria are all united under the guidance of a powerful sorceress. The ringleader of the evil group, Nigel, has control of Cordelia, the water elemental. Alixa, Destiny and Nuria have gone on many journies trying to secure the triumph of good over evil, but the greatest and most vital battle is still ahead of them...

Updates~ Come see What's New!

06/25/2004- Site opens! Well, actually, site is being built, so it really isn't "open" yet, but hey.

07/12/2004- New Layout, plus tons of new stuff! Morwen's profile is up, We completely re-uploaded ALL of our dolls, and the contest is now OPEN!!! The contest will close when we have 10-15 entries! Start submitting!

07/13/2004- Nocturne's profile is up! YAY!

08/13/2004- Lots to report, but firstly, to all the base providers, WE ARE WORKING ON GETTING LINKS UP TO YOUR SITES, I PROMISE! Right now I'm teaching myself HTML, and school just started up again, so it will take a chunk of time, but we are working on it! We aren't trying to disrespect anyone or take credit for your work, we're actually going to completely redo the site with HTML, so once that's done your links will be there!!! And if you want them up now, send me an e-mail and I'll post your site in the news so that you have due credit! Other than that, nothing new!

What's Coming Up:

We're slowly but surely adding bits and pieces of our site, so there will be lots of changes over the next few days!

This site is completely under construction, so we suggest that you come back when we have it finished! If you want to look around now, that's fine, but a lot of things won't make sense or won't work right! Just a warning! Thanks!




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